EDS v Slovinsku

Volunteer should be…

A young person, who doesn’t have problem working with people who has mental and physical disabilities (as Down’ssyndrome, …). Person who is flexible, open-minded, has a self-motivation and it’s proactive. Who has highly developed cultural awareness and is socially responsible, who knows how to express himself/herself and is familiar with communication in a foreign language.


Volunteer will be active in 2 cities in Zasavje region, smallest region in Slovenia (http://en.v3krasne.si/).

Volunteer will spend 4 days/week working in VDC in Zagorje ob Savi (http://www.vdc-zagorje.si/https://www.facebook.com/vdczagorje) and 1 day/week in youth centre Trbovlje (http://www.mct.si/ and https://www.facebook.com/mct.mladinskicentertrbovlje). The volunteer will have the support from both organisations during the whole project. Mentors will be provided for the volunteer.

The volunteer will live in Trbovlje and go to Zagorje by public transport organised by coordinating organisation.


  1. 5. 2015 – 4.5.2016 (12months)


The volunteer’s tasks at VDC will be to spend quality time with people who has mental and physical disabilities. Volunteer will provide companionship and individual support, which is not included in the regular tasks of employees. Volunteer will participate in sport, cultural and creative activities which are preformed daily and carried out a language course in his/her native language.

At Trbovlje Youth centre volunteer will be part of the team together with other international volunteers, organising its own regular local events and activities for youth, helping us in organising bigger common projects such as festivals, international projects (youth exchanges, trainings etc.). The volunteer will also have a chance to develop its own idea into a project during the EVS.

How to apply?

Send us your CV and motivation letter to evs@mct.si until 12th January 2015. Candidates will be choosen by VDC team who will also do a skype interview with some candidates before making the final decision. The final decision will be known on 16th January 2015.