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Red Cross Shelter Laut

Theme: People with mental illness
Project duration: 12 months
Location: Akureyri

The Red Cross in Iceland runs a shelter in Akureyri for the mentally ill. The aim of the day centre is to socially integrate, otherwise isolated, mentally ill people, to help them to change their routines and add something extra to their lives. The aim is also to improve their quality of life, and strengthen physiological, physical and sociological well-being of the guests. Furthermore, the aim is to help the guests to increase their skills in participation in daily activities.The volunteer’s tasks will be to assist the staff in the shelters taking care of the mentally ill. He/she will be asked to be the extra staff that otherwise would not be hired, a helping hand and a caring friend. It is important to have in mind that the volunteer will be working with sometimes fragile people, people who suffer from a mental illness but do not need to be hospitalized.It is very good to have volunteers from different countries and different cultures, with whom the guests can talk to, exchange experiences and ideas with, and to break the general monotony. This project also gives the volunteer the opportunity to work with less fortunate people.

Red_Cross_shelter LAUT

Nr.1- Ásgarður

Theme: People with disabilities
Project duration: 12 months
Location: Reykjavík

The project involves working with people with disabilities. Ásgarður is a protected working place where the workers face various difficulties in life. All of the clients are disabled and all of them face limited options in other working places, and in life in general. The mission of Ásgarður is to give each and every client the opportunity for personal growth in creative working environment.Ásgarður is located in Mosfellsbær, a neighboring suburb of the city of Reykjavík – the capital of Iceland. There are approximately 7000 people that live in Mosfellsbær, and it is still growing. All services are provided, including medical services. Reykjavik is 20 minutes away by bus, which goes to the city centre.


Important Notes:
1. Both projects include work with mentally disabled people
2. Deadline for applications – 27th of March
3. Starting date of project – August 2015
4.  Ásgarður project has a special requirement – volunteer has to be very independent due to the character of the project and also due to the fact that he/ she will live alone in a flat (not in Reykjavik, but Moessfelsbaer ), and thats why they accept only people of age 25 and older.
5. For Laut ( Red cross project ) its also better if the person is not 18, 23 and more would be ideal due to character of the project as working with mentally disabled people might be sometimes psychically demanding.
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