Európska dobrovoľnícka služba: Steinfurt district, Nemecko

The start date of the activity: 1st January 2016
The duration of the activity: 12 Months 

The deadline to send expressions of interest/ application documents is 11th September 2015


The concept of all youth centre’s is designed to offer children and young people an experience space. Primary aims are to bring children and young people meaningful leisure time activities in more detail. The youth centre’s are a meeting place for young people aged 7 to 21 years. The leasure activities geared to the needs of visitors. An enrichment of the youth center’s are the current special offers in the area of child and youth work (Easter, summer, autumn and winter holiday program).

Our desire is that the volunteers bring an international flair to the house and to the visitors to raise their interest in other cultures and different lifestyles. Our objective aim is the inclusion of a volunteer to campaign for more tolerance and respect for other cultures and to reduce prejudice against the unknown.

The volunteer is supported by their mentor whom with they communicate within the whole time of the project. They will receive support from all team members to integrate in the project, in the country and the culture.

The volunteer is also encouraged, to bring their own ideas, creativity and experiences in the evolution of the project. The work of the volunteer will concentrate on their interests.

The volunteer is bound into the team, through that he learns the organization of pedagogical target plans and their conversion.

Concrete tasks are: 

Being a contact person in the meeting point/ café
Offering freetime and leisure activities, like crafts, music, video
Creating information materials about the European Union, her/ his home country and other important youth information
Preparing with the team together the (holiday-) activities and trips for the young people
…and everything the volunteer has good ideas about……

The volunteer must be able to speak at least basic German or English

How to apply:

Select the project from the table below. For more information, please take a look in the European database on EVS accredited organizations:

EVS accreditation number  Start date  Duration  Organisation name 
2015-1-DE04-KA110-013063 01.01.2016 12 months Jugendtreff St. Antonius Hörstel
2015-1-DE04-KA110-013062 01.01.2016 12 months Jugendzentrum Ladbergen
2015-1-DE04-KA110-013064 01.01.2016 12 months Jugendzentrum Bansen
2015-1-DE04-KA110-013060 01.01.2016 12 months Jugendtreff Hopsten

Fill in attached application form and send it to

Doc format: EVS-application form-Steinfurt district-Germany-2015_slovakia

Odt format: EVS-application form-Steinfurt district-Germany-2015_slovakia