YMCA in Slovakia is part of YMCA world-wide movement. We are member of Slovak Youth Council (RmS) and YMCA Europe (EAY).

YMCA was established in Czechoslovakia in 1918. It started as a movement of sport, education courses, affordable accommodation, meals and leisure activities in safe environment of YMCA tents, buildings, camps, children playgrounds, libraries, cafeterias etc. The non-democratic systems of Slovak State during WWII and communist party have closed the organisation down for long decades.

It was re-established in 1990 and continues to provide development of body, mind and spirit of all young people regardless of race, religion, background.

Today the local YMCA associations have many forms:
small initiatives, interest groups and clubs, middle-sized community centres with more activities and services.

We strive to lower the thresholds so all young people can participate, join and later grow to become leaders and create their own activities that help them and their communities to grow in quality of their lives, character. We focus on youth from rural areas, youth with less opportunities from various backgrounds, children from orphanages, Roma community – we are open to all.