Seminar Community work(s) 19 – 26 June 2016

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Project Community work(s) creates and open space for youth workers, active volunteers working in various communities but also professionals with long term experience in youth work. As they are part of wider and more complex communities, the youth workers scope also needs to change, their approach must widen to provide efficient and relevant response to changing needs of youth.

Dr. Brian Belton, passionate youth worker and present lecturer on YMCA George Williams College London will be our host during the study visit to the college 18 – 20 April 2016 in London and an inspiring speaker and facilitator during the seminar 19 – 26 June 2016 in Marianka, near Bratislava. Main themes of the seminar:

Context of youth work in partner countries

Legal establishment
Financial support / opportunities
Public support
(presentation by each partner with questions and discussion to find common challenges)

Youth worker in community work

Community in contemporary context: what is it really (past definitions and the word meaning development to present times)

The role of youth worker

What “types” of youth workers are “out there”?
Who is it?
Who appoints him/her?

Analysis of community, setting up goals of youth work

Methods: How do we do youth work?

Control vs. freedom

public discussion on the role of youth work in the society more info

Measuring the impact

Various ways / forms
Guests presentation: Martin Simon (Kaspian) – introduction of measuring software


Introduction, importance and possibilities 
Method of measuring impact

Further cooperation (development of longer term project)

Build up a project with interested / new partners on supervision and youth work quality development (education and development of youth workers in various contexts)

We hope to create an open space for vibrant discussions on the important issues of young people, youth and community workers today. The outcomes should be summarized and published to continue to serve wider community. 


YMCA George Williams College (UK)

YMCA v České republice (CZ)

Fundatia Parteneri pentru Dezvoltare Locala (RO)

Mladinski center Trbovlje (SI)




Project is supported by European commission via program Erasmus+