Application and Conditions


Conditions for participants coming from partner countries: Czech republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom, Portugal

Seminar Community work(s) has been supported from the ERASMUS+ grant for mobility of youth workers. Thanks to it we can cover most of the costs related to the seminar organisation.

Conditions of participation

  • 18+ years old
  • resident in one of the above partner countries
  • full participation on the seminar 19 – 26 June 2016 (exceptions or limitations must be made in advance and mentioned already in application form!)
  • 20 EUR fee must be paid after application confirmation by the coordinator
  • must have valid health insurance (best is combination of free EHIC and commercial travel insurance) Insurance is not reimbursed from the project.

Conditions of travel reimbursement

  • full participation on the programme during seminar visit from Sunday evening 19 June to Sunday lunch 26 June 2016 unless agreed otherwise with the coordinator in advance
  • after the seminar fill the Online report requested by Erasmus+ Mobility Tool
  • travel must be within 3 days before or 3 days after the seminar
  • reimbursement will be only based on original travel tickets, invoices and bills showing clearly the price and name of participant (if relevant) and are necessary to complete the journey to and from the venue
  • electronic flight invoices must be accompanied by printed boarding passes to prove the journey
  • all electronic tickets must be either printed and brought to the venue or send to the coordinator by e-mail
  • any electronic tickets that cannot be retrieved to printed form (e.g. mobile apps) cannot be reimbursed in our accountancy system
  • if a ticket doesn’t show the price, the purchase bill must accompany it showing the price
  • any other than non-direct routes to and from country of origin has to be first approved by project coordinator
  • the distance is calculated between the sending organization and the venue, not the participant home
  • to be sure that you will be fully reimbursed, check your travel plans with Zuzana first
  • the travel should be as economical as possible, maximum reimbursement sums per partners are shown in the table


Currency exchange

Reimbursements will be made in EUR according to the rules of contract between YMCA na Slovensku and Slovak National Agency: currency exchange rate must be calculated as stated on ECB website for the date 12 January 2016.

Conditions of participation from other countries

If you wish to participate on the seminar but do not come from the project partner country, you can still apply as we have some extra placements left. Please contact Zuzana to discuss the details. 

The cost of seminar without funding from the Erasmus+ grant is 390 EUR. 

Application form

Please fill in the online application form as soon as you are sure you want to participate. As we have limited spaces we would contact selected participants with further details about the seminar, the fee payment and the travel reservation.

If you have any questions, please contact Zuzana (zuzana (at) any time.

Selection process

Each partner organization can suggest participants but we will also consider applications coming from other interested individuals.

Selection criteria:

  • fulfillment of grant criteria
  • recommendation or pre-selection by partner organization
  • order of receiving
  • motivation and possible input of the applicants

Deadline for applications

The application forms are considered and accepted continuously until the placements for each partner country has been filled but latest by 15 May 2016. 

Earlier applications have also better chance to get the travel within the budget so we strongly recommend to apply as soon as you can.