Venue and programme


Dates: 19 – 26 June 2016

Start: Sunday 19 June at 5pm
Closing: Sunday 26 June at 12am
Duration: 8 days (including travel days)

Venue: Marianmarianka_mapka (near Bratislava), SLOVAKIA

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.16.24 PMMarianka lies about 16 km north of Bratislava on the slope of Little Carpathians Mountain Range. It is one of the oldest pilgrim places in Slovakia with unique natural and historic atmosphere. It offers inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces for seminar activities, walks in surrounding nature. Other great advantage is its closeness to Slovak capital city Bratislava with international airport and regular public transport connection.

Programme outline : Main themes and methodology

Context of youth work in partner countries
Legal establishment, financial support / opportunities, public support (presentation by each partner with questions and discussion to find common challenges)

Youth worker in community work
Community in contemporary context: what is it really (past definitions and the word meaning development to present times)

The role of youth worker
What “types” of youthworkers are “out there”? Who is it? Who appoints him/her?

Control vs. freedom
public discussion with youth work and youth policy representatives

Analysis of community, setting up goals of youth work

How do we do youth work?

Measuring the impact
Various ways / forms

Introduction, a tool for education and a method of measuring the impact?

FURTHER COOPERATION (long term project design)
Build up a project with interested / new partners on supervision and youth work quality development (education and development of youth workers in various contexts)


Methodology during the seminar:

learning blocks
Lecturers and presentations usually in the mornings on topics regarding community, community work and the role and impact of youth workers, etc. – staying relevant to this ever changing phenomenon.

working groups
Participants will be divided into groups to develop the themes further and create common outcomes, usually in the afternoon sessions.

field trip
One day in the middle of the week will be dedicated to a trip to Bratislava including a visit to local community work in city suburbs and discussion with people form youth organisations, NGO and decision makers in the evening.

open space
We would like to create an open, vibrant atmosphere during the whole seminar where people of different experience can share and learn together, network and discuss. Therefor we would use discussion points, walls to write on and self-organisation, etc. Most evenings will be left open to informal activities (apart from few where there is a programme) to explore and socialize, find new partners and create new ideas, watch inspirational films, enjoy the nature around. All participants are invited to learn and contribute during the day and enjoy the company of others or individual time to digest in the evening.

personal approach – our facilitators
There will be sessions to discuss participants interest in personal consultations with experienced facilitators and longterm youth workers and teachers like Dr. Brian Belton from YMCA George Williams College London, Martin Simon from Slovakia (Kaspian) and many others.

common outcome
As the seminar progress, we would together shape a common outcome for further use and dissemination among wider public in form of a brochure. Other media are also welcome to be created, al depends on the participants initiative (video interviews, blogs, photos,..) Together we will hopefully create a useful inspirational source for other youth workers to use in your countries, organisations or for your personal practice. It will be sumarised during the Autumn and published by the end of the year.

Please note: the venue has been selected only due to suitable conditions it offers, its closeness to the city and opportunity to use indoors and outdoor spaces for seminar activities within the project budget. The seminar itself is not religious, although there will be a chapel open to private mediation free to use by participants. All participants are asked to respect other people (often pilgrims) present in the area. The village offers a pub and other public places for evening socialising, or participants are free to visit Bratislava in dedicated times.