European Voluntary Service

YMCA na Slovensku
(Slovakia, PIC number: 947980322) is acredited sending, receiving and coordinating organization for European Voluntary Service (EVS) funded by Erasmus+. We receive international volunteers every year who work as a part of Roma community centres in Jelsava and Liptovsky Mikulas and help with other activities such as informal language education, charity events, Summer camps, sport activities, etc. Volunteers are welcome to create own activity or small project during their EVS in cooperation with local YMCA.

10 international volunteer placements are available each year in 2 receiving organizations (Jelšava and L. Mikuláš) , usually from July / September for 12 months but we are open to receive volunteers all year round, depending on mutual agreement and available funding. More information to each placement are below.

We are currently open for volunteer applications for new EVS project 2018 / 2019:

for YMCA Revuca – Jelsava description of the project:


Project application:


YMCA Liptovsky Mikulas description of the project:


Project application:


>>> this call is open for people from: Austria, Germany, France, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Spain, Latvia and Netherlands <<<

Main activities:

  • daily activities in Roma community centre: kindergarten, afterschool club, music club, sport club and others depending on interest of local community
  • other YMCA activities according to current offer (non-formal language education, national meetings, workshops, organizing international seminars, charity events, etc.)
  • own initiative/project  (e.g. involvement with local students, own workshops, etc.) according to volunteers interest and abilities

How to apply?

    1. If you are interested to become a volunteer, please send filled application along with your CV and motivation letter by e-mail to our coordinator Daniela. In the e-mail subject please write: tindersticks_jel_18_app”  or “tindersticks_lip_18_app
    1. Please note: If you wish to apply for both placements, you have to send application for each placement separately.
  1. EVS volunteer coordinator: Daniela Masarikova Email contactdaniela (at) ymca (.) sk