EDS v Nemecku


Milí vedúci,

ako ústredie YMCA na Slovensku sme nedávno mali možnosť zúčastniť sa YMCA
UNIFY konferencie v nemecko-poľskom mestečku Görlitz. YMCA v tomto
mestečku a regióne ponúka niekoľko voľných miest pre YMCA dobrovoľníkov v
rámci programu ERASMUS + (bývalá Európska dobrovoľnícka služba), a to v
nasledovných projektoch:

2010-DE-268 - children with special needs in a christian primary school

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany


The St. Gallus - Hilfe works with children and youngsters with disability. The volunteer will work regularly in a residential group and in the organisation's school for youngsters with learning disabilities. Apart from that they will also take organize spare time activities on weekends and during school holidays for children and youngsters with disability.

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EVS Volunteer in Netherlands


We are looking forward to come in contact with volunteers who would like to work in an international team of young people in the Netherlands for an EVS project (2011-NL-8) with Atlantic Bridge. We will start with a new team of volunteers from 01-11-2013 for 10 months. 

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EVS Volunteer in Slovenia


The programme includes group work and activities with adolescents, cooperation among different institutions, learning help, advisory work, daily excursions. The MDC BLOK operates under the responsibility of two coordinators and carefully selected external co-workes and volunteers.

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EVS Volunteer in Germany

The European Volunteer will learn and get to know intensively the German language (language course), our students and pupils, our country, people (inhabitants) and the surroundings. 
The volunteer gets the opportunity to gather experience in Youth Work, media pedadgogy - moreover he will gather experience in project planning and execution of the plans. The volunteer will get insights in the holistic approach of the CJD and can participate in the realisation of it. During the service the volunteer will get to know the cultural offers and customs of the host country.
  • Organisation: CJD Jugenddorf Schloss Kaltenstein 
  • Location: Vaihingen Enz, Germany 
  • Deadline: 15/06/2013 
  • Start: 01/01/2014 
  • End: 31/12/2014 
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EVS Project in Albania


Youth in Free Initiative (YFI) association is looking for four volunteer from EU and SEE countries available for the period January 2014 – September 2014. The volunteer will take part in the long term EVS project: “Promoting voluntarism through youth participation” hosted and coordinated by YFI association in Kukes, Albania.

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Prax vo floristike v Nemecku


Chcela by si sa stať floristkou (kvetinárkou)?

Renomované kvetinárstvo v Nemecku hľadá učnicu!

Ponúkame možnosť pracovať v kvetinárstve v Nemecku. Okrem floristiky sa môžete naučiť aj nemčinu. Pre záujem alebo viac informácií píšte na dorothee@stonline.sk


Ausbildungsstelle als Floristin

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